‘made in italy’ is the common denominator for products and services offered by stroili stone: high quality materials, technical mastery and comprehensive knowledge of the application techniques.

Marble has been mined and processed by humans for centuries. It is a strenuous task, rewarded by the beauty of artistic and architectural works that we still can admire today. Shaped by the powers of nature throughout millions of years, each piece of stone, marble, or granite is exclusive and unique.
Even today –with precision processing by means of numerically controlled machines– stone still requires ability and respect to be used correctly.

Flavio Stroili, CEO of Stroili Stone, has brought his expertise and professional experience from Italy to Austria: he has been working in the world of marble for many years. During this time, he also has chosen highly reliable partners, experts in processing, laying, treatment, and restoration of natural stones. This is a valuable package of knowledge now made available to the customers who can be advised on the choice of the right material, and accompanied as the work progresses.




Each natural stone type has distinctive characteristics that differ from one another. The aesthetic qualities are certainly those first noticed, but the material’s technical aspects should never be underestimated. Some marble types are suitable for indoor use, others for outdoor spaces. Some stones fit well for work surfaces and furnishing elements (such as countertops, or bathroom furnishing), while others present characteristics which, once the surface finish and the processing change, give a different answer to cleaning and maintenance issues. Stroili Stone can recommend the stone, which not only is the most suitable for a specific application, but also satisfies all aesthetic, technical, and economic requirements.


Project assistance

Once the right natural stone is selected for a project, Stroili Stone offers comprehensive support for the visualisation of the desired outcome. This service is available to all clients, from project planners to private customers, and includes the acceptance of the natural stone block or stone slab to meet all requirements and to prepare the samples. For increasingly complex projects, Stroili Stone can elaborate a special rendering to visualize the final design. Further assistance include construction site measurements, to ensure the correct preparation and subsequent laying.



Through partnerships with established companies and experienced artisans, Stroili Stone is able to offer, if requested, a laying service specialised in installing marble and other natural stones. With its extensive professional practice, acquired during implementation of numerous construction projects, Stroili Stone can provide comprehensive support and service to their customers to achieve the desired result.


Maintenance and care

Sometimes, marble and other natural stones require protective treatments, and, in particular, proper cleaning and care. These aspects are of extreme importance to avoid colour changes, and to prevent film formation on the stone surface, thus affecting the finished stonework. Stroili Stone recommends both, the right protection treatment (through partners specialized on natural stone surface treatment), and the correct cleaning and maintenance system.