Large selection of materials for construction and home design

Over 200 different types of natural stone and flooring are on display in the showroom and can be admired in every detail.
Stroili Stone can offer all kinds of natural stone cut to tailor-made dimensions, as well as a wide range of materials in which natural stone is only one component (e.g. marble aggregate blends,terrazzo veneziano), and many more.

natural stones

Stroili Stone is able to offer hundreds of natural stone types and can personalize them for you. You are looking for a specific marble, granite, onyx, travertine or another stone, you have seen in a magazine or in a home or other building? Come and talk to us! We are at your disposal to assist you with your enquiries and to find the best solution for your requests.

composite materials

Composite materials are manufactured utilising natural stone bund with bonding agents (resin or cement mixtures) to obtain a final product for a great variety of application possibilities.

natural stone featuring exclusive art work and finishing

Marble with precious metal-foil décor, mosaic made of natural stone, expression of exquisite Italian craftsmanship. Exclusive products perfectly suited for creating highly personalized and unique décors and interiors.

natural stone surface finish

Each natural stone must undergo finishing treatment: i.e.: for exterior use, the natural stone gets an anti-slip-treatment, for indoor use the surface can be finished with shiny reflective surface, with handcrafted decors or with an ultramodern surface treatment. The same natural stone type can be worked in various ways and can result significantly different, both functionally and aesthetically.